Top rated beaches of Indian Harbour Beach FL

One of the best things about coastline cities is that you get to have some of the best beaches right at your doorstep. The large coastline of Florida holds many coastal destinations that offer a variety of attractions and feature world-class beaches that people absolutely love. One such place is the city of Indian Harbour Beach FL.

The city is located on the small barrier island between the Indian River Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean. Its location makes it a small town that covers only about 2.7 square miles with a population of about 9,000, however, Indian Harbour Beach Florida is considered to be the “Florida’s Greatest little city”. The reason for that is because of its location, the city enjoys one of the most beautiful ocean views and the housing in the area makes it a residential gem of the East Coast.

As the name might suggest, some of the top-rated beaches of Indian Harbour Beach FL are going to be just as impressive. In a city that is also the first StormReady city on the East Coast, you can expect to have a lot of fun, either by bathing in the sun, doing some of your favorite water activities, and enjoying the ocean vibes. Here are some of the top-rated beaches in Indian Harbour Beach FL.

Bicentennial Beach Park

Bicentennial Beach Park is the beach where you can really have a great time with family or friends, enjoying some of your favorite activities. Your kids will have a great day in the sand and water and there is a small playground where you can take them as well. Walkways and restrooms are available right on the beach so you can enjoy a nice walk during sunsets or in the morning.

It is not a very crowded beach during the week and they also have picnic areas available if you want to sit down and eat while enjoying the gentle breeze of the ocean and the beautiful scene. Fishing is very common in the area and the only downside is the fact that parking space is limited but at least it is free.

Canova Beach Dog Park

There are beaches around that are pet friendly as well, so you can bring along your dog for a fun time by the beachside. If you love playing with your dog on the beach then Canova Beach Dog Park is the ideal place for you and your furry friends to have a great time. It is, after all a dog lover's beach and even if you don’t have your own dog you can still have a great time coming here enjoying the beautiful scenery.

The beach provides bathrooms and changing areas on the beachside. They also provide dog waste bags and a rinse-off area where you can rinse off your dog after it rolled in the sand all day long. Your dog will meet plenty of other friendly dogs, and they will have a lot of fun because the beach area is large and there is plenty of room where they can play and burn their energy.

Paradise Beach and Park 

If you are looking for the perfect beach experience then Paradise Beach and Park is probably the place you are looking for. There is plenty of free parking space around the beach which makes the place very accessible. On top of that you have food trucks lining the entrance, so if you are hungry while having fun on the beach, grabbing a bite is just steps away from the sand. The sandy beach is not very populated, and the scenic sand dunes make it a perfect place for the whole family.

The beach features volleyball courts, restrooms, outdoor showers and they offer umbrellas for rental. Lifeguards are constantly monitoring the area so you can rest assured that there is a watchful eye surveying the waters. The beach is lined with shells and the beautiful contrast between the shells and the dark sand is also something the Paradise Beach is known for. The shallow waters gradually get deeper as you go out in the open so you can really have kids play in the shallow areas and those who feel more adventurous can go out in the open.

The beach area is connected to the parking lot by a wooden walkway, which makes it easy to move between your car and the sandy beach. The overall experience on this beach is truly stunning and you will love everything you find here.

Michael P Crotty Beach Park

Sometimes you are just looking for a quiet retreat on a beach area that is not seeing a lot of traffic. A place with low crowds where you can just watch the sunrise on a beautiful morning or see the sunset. If this is what you are looking for then Michael P Crotty Beach Park is the place for you. Accessing the beach is as easy as parking your car and walking a couple of feet one a wooden walking board.

As soon as you cross the walking board the green area lined with palm trees is suddenly open to this beautiful stretch of sand that overlooks the ocean. Here you can really relax and have a pleasant walk while you get to enjoy in the ocean’s sounds and beauty. 


There are many beach areas in and around the city of Indian Harbor Beach FL and you should take your time exploring each and every one of them in order to find your favorite one. Some of the top-rated beaches on the East Coast of Florida are located right here, so make sure you visit the area for one of the most unique coastline experiences. If you want to enjoy the beach year-round you can relocate to the area by contacting one of the top-ranked realtors in Indian Harbour Beach FL and find your dream home on the coastline of Florida.

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