The definitive tourist attractions in Tucson, AZ

Do you fancy classic flicks and enjoy collecting memorabilia on actual shooting locations? Are you in search of family-friendly destinations where you can experience unique adventures? Did you never behold the American symbol, the Saguaro Cactus, up close and personal? Now it’s time! Are you a Wildcat fan longing to see them play in their home ground? We just love all these things and never get tired of them! Join us in experiencing them together!

Tucson is a lovely town that is well worth a visit! Its surroundings are on par, if not even better than the proper city. If you're visiting The Old Pueblo, don't limit yourself to only seeing the city.

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Once you go through what this fantastic city has to offer, you will no longer be asking yourself: is Tucson, AZ, an excellent place to live?

There is life in the desert!

We promise you, roaming through the desert around Tucson is the best way to experience that unparalleled American sense of freedom present in only classic films. And there is no sight like the silhouette of the saguaro cactus against the sunset! There are many aspects Tucson is known for, but the legendary desert can not be missed!

Walk in awe through the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum!

Anyone will tell you; the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum must be at the top of your to-do list in Tucson. The Desert Museum is a family-friendly spot providing travelers with a diverse array of activities. Do you wish to have a close-up look at the desert terrain surrounding Tucson? Check! With a zoo, natural history museum, and botanical garden all in one, this museum is the ultimate combination of every important tourist destination.

The venue features animals and flora represented by approximately 40,000 plants and native to the Sonoran Desert. Find endangered species such as desert pumas, the Mexican wolf, parrots, ocelot, and jaguarundi, etc. Still, hummingbirds are the real stars of the show. Make sure not to miss the Raptor Free Flight featuring hawks flying over your head! Did you believe there is no water life in the desert? The 14 tanks displaying aquatic life will prove you wrong! In addition, the Gulf of California, together with the Riparian Corridor regions, gets an exemplary representation of otters, beavers, and sheep with bighorns. 

Hike while admiring the exceptional desert flora and fauna

Since you’re in the desert, the tallest cactus in America, the saguaro, is a must-see in the Saguaro National Park. Routes through the National Park are wonderfully organized in hiking trails. All is set in motion to observe wildlife, with rare animals, such as lizards called Gila monsters, Gila woodpeckers, tortoises, jackrabbits, cactus wrens, etc.

Popular events in the city

There are trendy and beloved events throughout the year. Let’s have a look at what Tucsonians are the proudest of!

  • The Tucsonian Rodeo Parade might just be the landmark event of the region. The thrilling Non-Motorized Parade maintains the spirit of year one, 1925. In the middle of February, get a load of bull riders, barrel riders, mutton bustin' peppered with breathtaking skills, bursting action, and a great deal of bravery!

  • The Spring Festival of the Arts (end of March) is a two-day fiesta for art lovers. The Southern Arizona Arts hosts this remarkable event displaying pieces from more than 150 artists, live performances, and interactive & creative artistic activities.

  • Let your Netflix account rest a little! Watch indie flicks at the prestigious Arizona International Film Festival, and you may encounter one of your cherished low-budget actors in person! Enjoy thought-provoking movies together at the Screening Room and other cinemas in Tucson! The selection is impressive: they project around 3,000 films from all around the world!

  • All Souls Procession is massive (held at the beginning of November)! Over 140,000 people come together downtown, some dressed up, some carrying altars, to commemorate those who recently passed away. Dancers set the rhythm following the beats of music. Creativity is abundant for sure! The traditional concepts of death and rebirth are redefined.

Tucson city-break with majestic sightseeings

Spanish explorers founded the city of Tucson in 1775. Since that day, the city has undergone impressive changes. Yet locals managed to keep historic sites living side-by-side with modernist buildings. 

El Presidio Historic District

The renowned El Presidio Historic District will reveal to you a combination of buildings made in the Spanish-Mexican and Anglo-American architecture style together with sleekly rebuilt adobe houses. Discover the 1850s marketplace called the Old Town Artisans, displaying a huge array of stores and historic buildings. Suppose you’re into shopping for vintage pieces of art, pottery, metalwork, jewelry, home decor, and even old photos, and would like to support talented local artists. In that case, the El Presidio might just be your dream come true.

Take a breather at El Charro Café, which, by its admission, is the oldest Mexican and family-run restaurant in America. You can also trace back here the original roots of Deadpool's favorite food, the chimichanga, or deep-fried burrito. Well, let's take this with a pinch of salt, shall we?

Let’s fly away at the Pima Air and Space Museum!

After a more traditional district, you should pay a visit to something definitely modern! The Pima Air and Space Museum maintains its status as the most outstanding air museum globally, displaying more than 400 aircraft and spacecraft. The impressive collection hosts historical and state-of-the-art planes, JFK’s presidential aircraft, and the reproduction of the Wright Brothers Flyer from 1903.

The 80-acre venue showcases six hangars to behold the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Orbis DC 10 Flying Eye Hospital, the latest additions to the facility. Still, the absolute miracle and treasure hosted in one of the hangars is the moon rock!

The tourist-friendly facilities at the University of Arizona - unmissable!

You can spend several days visiting all the facilities hosted by the University of Arizona, home to the popular Wildcats. Are you into historical items? Then, the Arizona State Museum will be the right thing for you! The Mineral Museum is its essential part, so don’t miss minerals and meteorites shown therein! Tucson’s old and new aspects get a new life through the photos exhibited at the Center for Creative Photography and the Museum of Art, focusing mainly on American photography. 

To see the enormous development the region has undergone, visit the Arizona State Museum showcasing documents of over 10,000 years of Indian culture! The anthropology venue exhibits Indian pottery, a Hohokam artifact display, Navajo textile selections, and Mexican folk masks.

The Flandrau Science Center boasts the latest scientific discoveries resulting from decades of meticulous research. The Campus Arboretum is a popular halt for nature lovers.

The all-friendly & colorful city counts on you!

There is no way to fully account for the city’s every must-see tourist destination because Tucson is in perpetual change. Locals wish to display a large variety of activities, events, and tourist attractions. Residents are proud of their incredible city and have proven an exquisite sense of community, being amicable and hospitable to newcomers. Despite all efforts, there are certain disadvantages of living in Tucson, such as a moderately high crime rate. Nevertheless, Tucsonians have a versatile and creative way of thinking, always able to reinvent themselves even in the harshest times, such as the pandemic.

Once you have visited Tucson, you will never be able to forget it! Mesmerizing beyond measure and set against superb landscapes, the city sprung as a genuinely popular tourist destination. Our conclusion is: Everybody Loves Tucson!